Bowling Games With Strikes To Spare

Posted on June 10, 2012
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Becoming a good bowler is just like becoming a good anything; it takes time, dedication and a lot of practice. However, if you want to be able to pick up strike after strike, and spare after spare, there are a few useful tips to help improve your game.

Aim for the pocket. The area just between the kingpin and the pin just next to and behind it on the left or right side is where you want to hit for maximum scatter. If you are curving your throw then you want to curve into the mass of pins whenever possible.

Make your throw smooth and bring arm up in an arc after you’ve thrown. Don’t throw the ball, but rather lay it down smoothly on the boards. This requires your entire body to work together as a concentrated launcher, bringing power up from your legs and then down your arm so that you can get the maximum spin on the ball.

Learn how to throw a straight ball. If you can curve the bowling ball then that’s great, and will lead to a lot of strikes. But picking up the 7 and 10 pins may require a straighter bowling throw.


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