Soccer Games That Have Players Flip And Kick

Posted on June 7, 2012
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There are plenty of great soccer games out there that people can play. Two of the best soccer games in the current market are FIFA Soccer 12 and Pro Evolution Soccer 12. These two games are generally rivals and play it out for the title of being the best soccer game of the year. Both have their own unique qualities. The “flip and kick” can be seen on both games with great players such as Rooney, Ibrahimovic, and Ronaldo attempting flip kicks to score goals for their teams. These two games are amazingly detailed and are available both on the computer and for gaming consoles. The best way to play these games is on an HD monitor or TV.

There are other lesser known soccer games that also feature flip and kick types of shooting. Miniclip is a great website where flash soccer games can be played. These games are much less sophisticated than FIFA or PES, but they have their own entertainment to them. If you are bored at work or school, you can simply load up the web page and play one of these flip and kick soccer games.

The great thing about soccer games is the variety. When you are bored of one you can switch to another one!You thought this was good? Brace yourself: FIFA Soccer 12 [Download]


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